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Sunbodies Spa is locally owned and operated. Our stability, professionalism, cleanliness and commitment to our clients is what has made our Salon an overwhelming success. Our philosophy is to provide high standards of excellence and the finest professional services and products to our clients. We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do & strive for the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Sunbodies has built our business on creativity, quality, professionalism and honesty. Our experienced team is committed to providing you with the ultimate in salon and tanning services. We are a team of educated and professionally trained, licensed cosmetologists, estheticians and tanning specialists certified through the State of New Hampshire Board of Barbering, Cosmetology & Esthetics and the American Tanning Institute. We also participate in ongoing training to ensure we provide you with the latest industry trends.

We offer you an experience of professional, relaxing, and affordable services while ensuring the results you expect.
I love being a blonde! Thanks Anna Haley for making me look fantastic!!!
- Brooke P.

Anna's the best!!!!! I love my hair so much! I'm telling everyone to go to you!!!!
- Jeannine R.

Loving my new hair dresser!
- Mandy Q.

Anna Thanks so much for the cut!! It's the best I've had in a long time!!
- Rita C.

Thank you Anna,great color and cut,Love it
- Christine S.

Thank you so much for everything you did for Adriana's birthday party!!!! The girls had so much fun!
- Jamie P

I've been going to Sunbodies since January had I known about them sooner I would have been there ages ago! This salon is beautiful the new renovations they have done make the salon look incredible!!! Anna is my go to girl!!!!!! Never has my hair ever looked so good!! She knows her stuff!!! I get complements on my hair daily. (Makes my day!) her foils cut colors are incredible!!!!! I will never go any place other than Sunbodies Spa! - Anonymous

Standard Packages
Level 1 & 2
Visit Packages
Level 1 & 2
We offer the best prices in the area for products and services. Walk-ins are always welcome!

15% discount* for the following with proper ID:
  • Students & Teachers
  • Military/Veterans
  • EMTs
  • Fire Fighters
  • Police Officers / Correction Officers
*Discount applies to Tanning Services Only
  • Does not include 10% Tan Tax
  • For a specific date and time appointments are recommended
  • All prices are subject to change
  • A 24 hour cancellation is required or a cancellation fee of $20 will be applied
Standard Packages
Level 1 (Rooms 1, 2, and 3)
1 Visit $7
1 Week $14
2 Weeks $25
3 Weeks $36
1 Month $42
2 Months $73
3 Months $92
Level 2 (Rooms 3, 4, & 5)
1 Visit $10
1 Week $20
2 Weeks $35
3 Weeks $51
1 Month $60
2 Months $104
3 Months $132
Visit Packages
Level 1 (Rooms 1, 2, & 6)
5 Visits
(No expiration)
10 Visits
(No expiration)
15 Visits
(No expiration)
20 Visits
(No expiration)
Upgrade an individual visit within a package to level 2 $4
Level 2 (Any Room)
5 Visits
(No expiration)
10 Visits
(No expiration)
15 Visits
(No expiration)
20 Visits
(No expiration)
Hair Services
Cut & Style, Hair Straightening, Blondes, Textures & Treatments, Hair Extensions
Hair Services
Cut & Style
starting at
Haircut & Style Shampoo, conditioning and finished with a blowout. $35
Clipper Cut Includes neck trim & sideburns $18
Bang Trim / Neck Trim Shorten bangs & freshen up neck/hairline in-between cuts. $10
Children's Cut Includes shampoo. $15
Children's Cut & Style Shampoo & blow-dry followed by a style. $20
Blowout Includes shampoo, conditioning and hair styling with a blow dryer and round brush. $25
Signature Blowout & Style Includes shampoo, conditioning and styling with hot tools (Flat Iron/Curling Iron). $35
Formal Style/Updo Personal consultation plus hot tool styling and/or pinning the hair up to achieve your desired style. (Does not include a shampoo or haircut) $50
Color & Highlights
starting at
Root Retouch Get rid of those roots in-between full colors. Includes a haircut & blow out. $55
Permanent Color & Foil Brighten your hair with an all over color, followed by a partial highlight. Includes a haircut & blow out $150
Full Foil Lighten or brighten all over with highlights or lowlights. Includes a customized foil through out the top, sides and underneath parts of your hair. Finished with a haircut & blowout. $150
Partial Foil Lighten or brighten areas around your face that the sun would naturally lighten! Includes a customized foil through the top and sides of head. Finished with a haircut & blowout. $85
Corrective Color Correct those "uh-ohs!" and box color nightmares. Includes a personal consultation, the plan and the fix! Followed by a deep conditioning treatment & blowout. $100
Permanent Color Perfect coverage, conditioning and silky soft shine. 100% grey hair coverage! Includes a hair cut & blow out. $70
starting at
Double Process/High-lift Blonde Is life really better blonde? Find out! Go lighter safely to a gorgeous shade of blonde. Whether it be platinum or warm. Includes a personal consultation, deep conditioning treatment, haircut & blowout. $150
Root Retouch Get rid of those dark roots & get your blonde beautiful again! Includes a deep conditioning treatment, haircut & blowout. $75
Double Process/High-lift Blonde & Foil Add dimension to your hair with lowlights at your root touch up time! Includes a customized foil, haircut & blowout. $160
Textures & Treatments
starting at
Deep Conditioning Treatment Intense mask specially formulated to improve elasticity & prevent future hair breakage or nourish dry, dehydrated hair $35
Classic Perm Add Curls, body and movement to your hair. Includes haircut & blowout. $50
Keratin Straightening Blowout Reduce frizz and manage unruly curls for up to 6 weeks. $75
Keratin Straightening Treatment Reduce frizz & blow dry time while getting shinier more manageable hair for up to 6 months. $275
Hair Extensions
starting at
Hair Extensions Add length, volume, thickness, color/highlights with high quality 100% human hair.

Consultation required.
skin care
Skin Care
Skin Care, Hair Removal, Tinting
Skin Care
Skin Care
Classic Facial Includes a double cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation, extractions, lymphatic drainage massage, relaxation massage, customized mask, moisturizer and SPF. $62
Deep Cleansing Facial This facial targets those with problem skin and focuses more on the extraction element. $70
Express Facial Perfect facial for anyone on the go or anyone in need of a little "me" time. Includes a cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation, relaxation, customized mask, moisturizer and SPF. $42
Teen Facial Great for teens or pre-teens.This treatment includes cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation, extractions, relaxation massage, customized mask, moisturizer and SPF $45
Gentlemen's Facial Facials don't have to be just for woman! Treat yourself to a double cleansing, skin analysis, extractions, lymphatic drainage massage, relaxation massage, customized mask, moisturizer and SPF. $62
Back Facial Includes everything from the classic facial expect it's on your back! This can be just as necessary as a classic facial. $62
Body Polish An exfoliating body polish is applied & then removed with steamed towels and a body lotion is applied to hydrate the skin. $60
Hair Removal
Eyebrow Shaping $10
Lip $7
Chin $10
Facial Wax $25
Underarm $15
Half Arm $20
Full Arm $30
Half Leg $30
Full Leg $45
Brazilian $50
Bikini $25
Back or Chest $40
Stomach $15
Eye Lash $20
Brow $15
Hands & Feet
Classic Manicure Includes nail clipping & shaping, cuticle care, and application of nail color. Add $5 for French $25
Gel Manicure Long lasting gel color that will not clip or peel for up to 2 weeks! Zero dry time, cures in 30 seconds! Add $5 for French $35
Jr. Manicure (under 12) Includes nail clipping & shaping, and application of nail color. Add $5 for French $15
Acrylic Full Set Damage free, Worry free, & drill free done by hand. Includes nail color. Add $5 for French, Add $10 for Gel color/French $35
Acrylic Fill Damage free, Worry free, & drill free done by hand. Includes nail color. Add $5 for French, Add $10 for Gel color/French $22
Classic Pedicure Includes a warm foot soak, nail clipping and shaping, cuticle care, foot and leg scrub, massage, and an application of a nail color. Add $5 for a French. $35
Spa Pedicure (Paraffin) Includes everything from the classic and includes a paraffin mask that will lock in the moisture and leave your feet feeling extra soft, and application of a nail color. Add $5 for a French $45
Q: Is tanning natural?
A: Yes. Tanning is your body’s natural protection against sunburn; it’s what your body is designed to do. Anti-tanning lobbyists falsely refer to this process as “damage” to your skin, but calling a tan “damage” is a dangerous oversimplification.

In fact, it’s much like calling exercise “damage to your muscles.” When you exercise, you are actually tearing tiny muscle fibers in your body. At first glance, when examined at the micro-level, this tearing could be called “damage.” But this damage on the micro-level is your body’s natural way of building stronger muscle tissue on the macro-level. So to call exercise “damaging” to muscles would be misleading. The same can be said of sun exposure: your body is designed to repair any damage to the skin caused by ultraviolet light exposure. Developing a tan is your body’s natural way of protecting against the dangers of sunburn and further exposure.

It is the professional indoor tanning industry’s position that sunburn prevention is a more effective message than total abstinence, which ultimately encourages abuse. We believe ours is a responsible, honest approach to the issue.

Q: How does your skin tan?
A: Whether you tan outdoors under the sun or indoors in a professional tanning facility, the tanning process is the same. This natural process takes place when your skin is exposed to ultraviolet light. Here is an overview.

Light is composed of energy waves that travel from the sun to the Earth. Each energy wave can be identified by its length in nanometers, (nm), which is one-billionth of a meter. Light can be broken into three general categories: infrared, visible and invisible. Ultraviolet light is in the invisible light spectrum.

There are three kinds of ultraviolet light: UVA, UVB and UVC. Two of those categories, UVA and UVB, are used in indoor tanning equipment.

Tanning equipment is designed to replicate UVA and UVB produced by the sun, but tanning lamps emit the light in carefully controlled and government-regulated combinations. As a result, the user has control over their exposure. That’s why people face greater risk of overexposure tanning outdoors than they do by using tanning equipment indoors.

Tanning itself takes place in the skin’s outermost layer, the epidermis. There are three major types of skin cells in your epidermis: basal cells, keratinocytes and melanocytes. All play different roles in the tanning process.

Everyone has roughly the same number of melanocytes in their bodies—about 5 million. Your heredity determines how much pigment your melanocytes can produce. Melanocytes release extra melanosomes whenever ultraviolet light waves touch them. This produces a tan in your skin.

The tanning process is your skin’s natural way of protecting itself from sunburn and overexposure. Calling a tan "damage to the skin” isn’t telling the whole story. Your skin is designed to tan to protect itself.

Q: Why is indoor tanning more responsible than outdoor tanning?
A: Indoor tanning, for individuals who can develop a tan, is a smart way to minimize the risk of contracting sunburn while maximizing the enjoyment and benefit of having a tan. In a professional indoor tanning facility, trained personnel teach tanners how their particular skin type reacts to sunlight and how to avoid sunburn—both outdoors as well as in the salon.

Tanning in a professional facility today minimizes the risk of overexposure to UV light. In the United States, exposure times for tanning sessions are derived from a schedule displayed on every piece of tanning equipment. By taking into account the tanner’s skin type and the intensity of the equipment, this schedule helps to deliver a dosage of UV light that is designed to minimize the risk of sunburn. The schedule also takes into account how long an individual has been tanning, increasing exposure times gradually to minimize the possibility of burning. This kind of control is impossible outdoors, where variables including seasonality, time of day, weather conditions, reflective surfaces and altitude all make sunburn prevention more difficult.

Q: Are tanning beds more intense than natural sunlight?
A: The amount of UV radiation that a person is exposed to depends on many factors including time of day, season and latitude. The spectrum of UV radiation from a tanning bed is similar to that of sunlight. It is less intense than being in the sun at the equator in June at noon, but more intense than being in the sun in Boston or San Francisco at the same time of year. Even with a tan of SPF 4 (a moderate tan), a person who would burn after being in the sun for 30 minutes can now be outside for 120 minutes before getting a sun burn. This highlights an important benefit of moderate tanning—it prevents burning.

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